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Mergers & Acquisitions
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A 10-point approach to streamline merger and acquisition target identification, assessment, negotiation and integration.

Mergers & Acquisitions services include:

  • Buy-side or Sell-side representation
  • Strategic option evaluation and execution
  • Experienced guidance throughout the process
  • Certified to the esteemed Pepperdine University Certificate in Private Capital Markets (CIPCM)

Program Details

Strategic acquisition can present one of the most effective means to accelerate growth and to establish or enhance an international company’s position in the Americas. Alliance has a deep knowledge of the American marketplace and the opportunities presented by its advanced private capital market environment.

Alliance specializes in the often-overlooked lower middle market (LMM) companies with revenues of $5 - $100 Million. Companies within this market trust our proven 10-point approach to streamline merger and acquisition target identification, assessment, negotiation and integration. Flexible to meet the specific needs of the client, Alliance represents clients with both Buy-side and Sell-side transactions, and will also negotiate complex Strategic Alliance, Licensing, or Joint Venture arrangements when appropriate.

Program Cost and Length of Engagement

Assignments may be short-term in nature, but are typically performed in conjunction with a longer-term advisory role. Remuneration is typically based on a monthly retainer with a Success Fee upon transaction completion.

Alliance Technologies’ Typical M&A Responsibilities and Objectives:

  • Identify potential strategic alliances, merger and acquisition opportunities, and related strategic options to meet the growth objectives and potential exit strategy defined by the Group CEO.
  • Define evaluation criteria for assessment of potential acquisition candidates or strategic alliances, e.g., business strategy, technology, synergies, culture, service, quality.
  • In close cooperation with the Group CTO and CEO, perform a comprehensive analysis of technology, engineering competency, patent portfolio, and related intellectual property.
  • In close cooperation with the Group CFO and the Company’s external accounting partners, develop valuation models and financial projections.
  • Evaluate potential acquisition candidates or strategic partners and provide specific recommendations to the Group CEO.
  • Define key reasons for acquisition and prepare description of compelling benefits for potential acquisition candidates.
  • Conduct early exploratory meetings with potential acquisition candidates.
  • Conduct negotiation meetings with potential acquisition candidates.
  • Actively participate in coordinating the deal and working with the Company’s legal, financial, and tax advisers who have responsibility to affect the final structure of the transaction documents, and who will determine whether to issue or transfer securities and the final value of any securities sold.
  • Lead due diligence team including coordination of finance, legal, operation, and related due diligence processes.
  • Provide senior management guidance and/or support as required by the Group CEO.

Available Post-Transaction Services:

  • Lead internal acquisition team to ensure a smooth and timely integration of the operations, including Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance, and related functions.
  • In close cooperation with the VP Sales and Marketing, perform analysis of product/company branding, sales channel and distribution analysis, and prepare an integration plan to ensure a seamless access to the marketplace throughout the acquisition process.
  • In close cooperation with Human Resource Manager, perform comprehensive analysis of organization structures, compensation bandwidths, union considerations, and related benefit practices to ensure a suitable HR integration.
  • In close cooperation with the VP Operations, perform comprehensive analysis of manufacturing operations, process of record documentation, quality control standards, and related production equipment, to ensure a smooth flow of production and quality throughout the acquisition process and integration.
  • CEO level management of entire Americas operations, including all aspects of operational and strategic management.
  • Board level oversight of Americas operations.

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