Scientific & Laboratory Equipment

Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing

Major U.S. companies in this industry manufacture instruments that are used primarily for laboratory analysis of chemical or physical properties and include Mettler-Toledo International, PerkinElmer, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

A Highly Concentrated Market Demands Expert Key Account Management

Market Opportunity for Scientific and Laboratory Equipment

The U.S market for scientific and laboratory equipment is highly concentrated, with the largest 50 companies producing approximately 80% of revenue.  Research and development is vital for manufacturers in this market due to the rapid pace of technological advancement, and typical investments for larger companies can exceed 15% of revenue.

U.S. companies face strong competition from foreign manufacturers including China, Germany, Japan, and Singapore, and more than half of domestic U.S. output is exported.  A significant portion of scientific and laboratory equipment manufacturers are located in California and Massachusetts, as well as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Industry sales are highly dependent upon the capital spending patterns of end-users, but the market is expected to grow at an impressive compound annual rate of 4% between 2018 and 2023.

Scientific and Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing Industry Participants

Company Sales Employees Location
Danaher Corporation 19,913.80M 71,000 Washington, DC
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. 16,889.60M 51,000 Waltham, MA
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 6,981.00M 21,400 Santa Clara, CA
Mettler-Toledo International Inc. 2,485.98M 13,100 Columbus, OH
PerkinElmer, Inc. 2,237.22M 7,700 Waltham, MA
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 2,175.04M 7,600 Hercules, CA
Waters Corporation 1,989.34M 6,200 Milford, MA
DRS Technologies, Inc. 1,931.86M 6,000 Arlington, VA
Bruker Corporation 1,808.90M 6,100 Billerica, MA
Fisher Scientific Company LLC 1,539.29M 2,000 Pittsburgh, PA
Mine Safety Appliances Company 1,136.65M 5,000 Cranberry, PA
Applied Biosystems, LLC 1,056.29M 10,000 San Francisco, CA
FEI Company 956.28M 2,660 Hillsboro, OR
Coherent, Inc. 794.64M 2,519 Santa Clara, CA
EWT Holdings III Corp. 699.31M 3,664 New York, NY
Waters Technologies Corporation, 609.90M 4,000 Milford, MA
Newport Corporation 605.15M 2,570 Irvine, CA
Shire Pharmaceuticals Inc. 600.90M 3,500 Chesterbrook, PA
Analogic Corporation 540.29M 1,679 Peabody, MA
Scientific Equipment Manufacturers USA
Hoover’s™/D&B subsidiary First Research® lists the following North American industry participants

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