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From short-term business assessments to longer-term assignments as exclusive agents for the Americas region, Alliance Technologies offers a broad range of management services in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technical Services, Operations, Logistics, Quality, Human Resources, Business Development and M&A to help companies establish or enhance their American presence.

With expertise and proven success in each of these areas, international technology companies can leverage a customized growth strategy, whether they are seeking a successful launch into the Americas or enhancing their existing operations.


Solutions | Getting Started in the Americas

Getting Started in America 

Many international firms have learned by experience that success in their home markets does not always translate into an effective American entrée. To insure a well-planned strategy execution from the beginning, Alliance Technologies provides companies with an unbiased comprehensive situation analysis and actionable recommendations to optimize strategic growth in the Americas.  The result is a more direct line between entry and profitability.

Solutions | Restructuring Your Americas Operation

Restructuring Your American Operation

The global business transformation of the past two decades has left international companies with operational structures and business strategies that don’t necessarily align with the current Americas marketplace. To help these companies adapt to the evolving business landscape, the Alliance team provides the comprehensive analysis and guidance needed to improve efficiencies and accelerate growth of the company’s American operation.

Solutions | Managing Your Americas Operation

Managing Your American Operation

By leveraging Alliance’s operational management services, advanced manufacturing companies can alleviate the massive financial and managerial burden of an own-operation. With a dedicated sales and support team doing business under the company’s own U.S. legal entity, the company benefits by avoiding the challenges of building a complete management team, infrastructure, and administrative operation on their own.

Solutions | Advising Your Board of Directors

Advising Your Board of Directors 

Local Advisory Boards and Board of Directors can help international advanced manufacturing companies align global strategies and ensure adherence to corporate governance rules for their American operations. While most international companies may overlook these benefits, Alliance can help these companies recruit and establish a local Board, or when needed, assume a seat on an existing Board.

Solutions | Accelerating Growth Through M & A

Accelerating Growth Through M & A 

Strategic acquisition is one of the most productive tactics to accelerate growth and to establish or enhance an international firm’s position in the Americas. Alliance has a deep knowledge of the American marketplace and the opportunities presented by its advanced private capital market environment and by executing a proven 10-point approach, can significantly streamline all aspects of the merger and acquisition process.


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Alliance Technologies distinguishes its business model by offering direct operational management and expert guidance for all aspects of business enhancement. Contact us to talk about your specific business needs and how we can apply our broad range of solutions to help get you to where you’re going, faster.

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